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Hello Jp, si je te dis que xxx peut vous aider à bypass vos questionnaires de sécurité, on peut discuter ?

J’adore ce type de prise de contact, tutoiement alors qu’on ne se connait pas, 3ème email de ce type en 2 semaines sans réponse de ma part… Si je réponds, je suis perdu, si je ne réponds pas, le “harcelement” continue…

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@Lobau self hosting on a small instance + netlify for static hosting is a great combination, gives you a lot of freedom.

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C’est ce qui a fait la fortune de Google et Facebook : ils ont confisqué l’économie, l’ont pris en otage en convainquant le monde entier qu’il n’y avait pas d’autre manière de faire du business qu’en augmentant les clics sur le web. Et que la seule manière d’y arriver, c’est de passer par leur monopole.

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Deepki is proud to announce the launch of our new ESG Index! This is the first European benchmark to measure real estate’s ESG performance. The benchmark is free to access online and provides real estate owners and managers with a clear view of sector performance and a reference against which they can compare their assets.

It will first provide a top 15% and 30% for performance in primary energy consumption – in-line with criteria set out by the EU Taxonomy – followed by final energy and CO₂eq emissions for each asset class, by country.

In response to growing demand within the industry, the benchmark will serve as a common standard to help real estate players make informed decisions to improve the environmental performance of their portfolios and accelerate the sector’s transition to Net Zero.

Access the ESG Index here: 👉

Deepki is pleased to be launching its ESG Index in partnership with IEIF - Institut de l’Épargne Immobilière et Foncière, in collaboration with other organizations in France, the UK and Germany. Climate protection is an urgent issue that must be addressed at an industry level; if you are interested in learning more about the benchmark, and how you can contribute to this community, get in touch by visiting

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