Beyond the Fridge, The World of Connected Data

Dr. Werner Vogel, Amazon CTO

Ex: Amazon Dash

The amount of recorded data for the 1st day of a child is 70 times the size of the Library of Congress !

The Internet of Things

6 areas where the Internet of Things exists :

  1. Science
    • see book “the fourth paradigm”
    • observation -> theories -> models -> facts
    • 1000 human genome project
  2. Customer
    • dropcam
    • Nest
    • Glow Cap, Glow Pack (don’t forget to take your medicines)
    • DrivePlus
  3. Retail: personalize
    • recommandations by amazon
    • Netflix: 75% watched movies made after recommandations
    • Bigger is Better
  4. Industrial world
    • GE gaz turbines
    • elevators in hospitals
  5. Sports
    • real times stats
  6. Location
    • social cooler
    • uber
    • onebusaway
    • strava

The pipeline

collect | store | organize | analyse | share

Realtime is increasing


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