Paris Meetup pour la décentralisation d'Internet #4

Tristant Nitot écrit un livre sur le sujet

Tristant Nitot écrit un livre sur la décentralisation d’Internet et nous a présenté son plan histoire d’avoir du feedback. Cela a déclenché pas mal de discussions intérressantes mais qui ont un peu retardé la suite.

Le titre de travail (temporaire) est Flicage sur interne histoire d’avoir un titre accrocheur et de bien marquer les esprits. Le plan s’articule en trois parties :

  • les dangers
  • le contexte
  • les solutions

On y parlera d’auto-cencure, du coût de la gratuité et de GAFA.

Introduction à IndieWebCamp et Known, par son fondateur Ben Werdmüller


Known is the fisrt startup that emerged from the indie web movement. Cofonded with Erin Jo Richey, UX guru.

Known tries to answer to the problem :

  • we all live in online silos (google, fb, twitter, flickr etc…)
  • they all provide beautiful, well designed and easy to use apps (so it’s easy for people to use etc)

Known is a beautiful app that syncs your content back to the silo(s) you want. It connects sites together. But you still own your data.

Known was founded by Matter in San Francisco.

Indie Web

Everyboby should own their own space on the internet

This idea comes from the Indie Web community :

  • your content is yours
  • you are better connected (= you don’t have to be penalized by running your own website)
  • you are in control


Wonderful Firefox plugin to reply on social sites from firefox to your own website (and repulblish back to silos)

Technology used is very simple :

Builds a decentralized social web. You always own your interractions and each participant has a copy.

Tons of plugins : wordpress, p3k

The business model is the same as : open source everything, make people pay for support or hosting.

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