Lead Dev 2016 London: How to get engineering teams to eat their vegetables

How to foster excellent working environment with minimal process ?

  • We are making more than just software, but also culture and norm
  • iteration beats rewrite
  • coordination is a competitive advantage
  • software engineering is a collaborative process
  • solidarity matters

Qualities of high performance teams:

  • teams are the atomic unit of a company
  • a good team:
    • enthousiasm and support
    • sense of togetherness
    • vulnerability (it is safe to report errors in a learning culture) -> psychological safety
  • productivity is a measure of comfort
  • good teams are smarter than individuals
  • good teams share control (empathy)
  • satisfaction is important. Without it, that’s the burn out

Pratical magic:

  • listen ! (eye contact)
  • play a game to foster human communication, coordination and sync
  • pair program
  • better meetings
    1. agendas
    2. interruption free
    3. turn talking
  • chit chat
  • effective feedback

Good teams are like weapons. Don’t suppress your humanity.