Lead Dev 2016 London: Leading leads: lessons from growing a team

Developping leads

It is difficult to have feedback. The danger is to be too reactive over strategic.

  • What is a tech lead ?
    • tech skills, knowledge
    • understand business
    • understand the product
    • trust from the team
    • makes their team better
  • Ask on 1 on 1: “have you considered leading a team some day ?”. Show that you care.
  • Tell people about what you do (they have no idea what it’s like), what is your productivity. Leadership is another type of problem solving.
  • Create opportunities, let them practice, delegate (stand ups, sprint planning).
  • Take a step back, make space.

Your measure of success: is your team getting better ?

Expectations and performance

Between micro managing and directionless (laisser-faire)


  • the most impactfull thing I can do today is…
  • right now I’m not great at…
  • in a few months, I want to try…

What changes for you ?

Your new role is becoming a multiplier of talents.

  • trust people: give them authority, don’t be too prescriptive
  • become a coach: asking insightful questions. Give tools and context needed to succeed.
  • make space
  • take new space
  • own your growth