Lead Dev 2016 London: How to succeed at hiring without really trying

How do we expose our teams so that people want to work for us ? transparency instead of a black box?

Create a relationship between your company and customers. Make some “employee evangelism”: talk to events, write blog posts. Will bring new developpers to your company.

Make your users badasses.

How to show more with your team ?

  • give them a compelling context. Start with culture first
    • be great: find something worth talking about
    • be authentic
    • be open (willing to share information and data)
  • give them a compelling reason. What motivates your team ?
    • helping others
    • build confidence in communicating: become better speakers/writters
    • build personal reputation. (ex: people want to be an expert in a specific field)
    • -> understand your team’s motivations
  • help them keep wanting to
    • what makes them stop ? There are always fears for sharing
    • what pulls them forward ? find progression paths
    • lead by example, share the fears you have (or had)
  • help them actually get better
    • perpetual expose
      • start a library
      • “talks we love” (watch a video)
      • highlight existing content
    • deliberate practice. ex:
      • lightning talks (5 minutes about anything)
      • (weekly) learning hour: teach to the team something userfull (help to practice speaking in front a of small group)
      • conference clubs: prepare for talking in a conference
      • collaboration blog post (one paragraph written by someone in the team)
      • internal blog
      • pair on blog post (what is the story you want to tell ?)

Every team can and should do this.