Please @slackhq stop forcing my hand by offering a “free Trial for the Pro version”: this is a free shot of something we don’t need and don’t want! This is already the 2nd time you do that…


  • avatar JeanPhilippe Caruana le 2022-02-16 : TBH, we might switch to the Pro version some day, but not if you insist every 3 month in free trial as it is very annoying 🙄 (and I also understand you have to run a business here 💸). Thank you for you feedback and understanding! (…)
  • Like par avatar Bruno Thomas le 2022-02-15
  • avatar Slack le 2022-02-16 : Apologies for the disruption, friend. This is helpful feedback, and we'll share it with the team over here. Thanks for being candid with us!